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Monthly Recap : January ’21

Happy new year 2021! I can’t believe we’ve passed the first month of 2021. Usually, January is my most productive month compared to other months, but not this year. I honestly feel like this is version 2.0 of 2020 since nothing seems to change.

First thing first, I finally graduated from college!! I actually passed my thesis defense back in December, but it became official in January when I got the letter. Now I’m just waiting for the graduation ceremony in March, while doing something that every recent college-grad hate…job hunting. Not gonna lie, most of my January were spent looking for jobs at job portals but ended up applying to none of them because I’m honestly confused at what I want to do. I don’t like my major that much which is why I’m looking for something else, but I haven’t found that something yet. If you have any tips about finding job as a recent graduates I’d appreciate it

This month, I start a bunch of TV series but only finished like, 2 of them. My first k-drama of the year is 365 : Repeat the Year, which is great if you love time-travel/crime k-drama (also, the main leads have incredible chemistry despite having no love line!!). I also finished True Beauty, which is so cheesy that it’s funny. Other than that, I also started Voice, Mr. Queen, The Queen’s Gambit (super late but I love it so far!), and Sugar Rush and I’m still watching all of them.

Another reason why I’ve been so unproductive this month is because I started playing Genshin Impact! I rarely play video games (the only computer games I still play nowadays is The Sims), but Genshin Impact turns out to be interesting so now I’m obsessed 😌

Review :


Other :

I’m still in a bit of slump in January, but most of what I read were pretty good. Here’s what I read :



The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes – 4/5 stars
Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse – 5/5 stars
A Taste for Love by Jennifer Yen – 4/5 stars
Vampire Academy – 2.5/5 stars
The Project by Courtney Summers – 4/5 stars

My favorite book from January is definitely Black Sun. It’s SO GOOD, and I can’t wait for the sequel. My least favorite is Vampire Academy. It’s not bad (I was actually obsessed with it back when I first read it in 2014), but over the years I’ve read more amazing books so it kinda pales in comparison. I’m still gonna continue reading it though because I want to read the sequel series, Bloodlines, and for the nostalgia.

How’s your January? Did you do anything fun? What’s your favorite reads from January?

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7 thoughts on “Monthly Recap : January ’21

  1. omg CONGRATULATIONS ON GRADUATING!!! that is so so amazing, and i hope you’re doing well!! i can’t wait till the project is released because it sounds SO good ~ and i definitely need to read black sun soon!! especially after you loved it so much!! i loved this so much, tiffany!! 💖💖


  2. Yes, I will shout this because it seems necessary: CONGRATULATION ON GRADUATING!! I’ve read the Vampire Academy series but I was quite obsessed (like you said) of the books but then, it seems quite pale. It’s not even that vampire-y (with so many new creature names I can’t even pronounce)!
    Here’s for a beautiful February 💖


  3. Congratulations for passing your defense and graduating! I haven’t have my grad ceremony either and at this point, I’m not sure we’re going to have any 🙃 I enjoyed what I learned but wasn’t really keen on working in the field, so what I highlights in my CV is my activities rather than my academic achievement 🙂 LinkedIn is a great platform to use as you can find job postings there, but you can also see where your seniors are right now. You can reach out to them and ask about their day to day activities/culture before applying.

    Good luck with the job hunt!


  4. January truly felt like an extension of 2020 … But honestly, we kinda already knew nothing would change because it’s a new year. :/ Hopefully, things will get better soon! I also spent a lot of time in January watching True Beauty (it’s so ridiculously funny hahaha) and I’m actually reading the Webtoon now, only just started. And I’m SO excited to read A Taste for Love, I’m so happy to know you enjoyed it!! CONGRATS ON FINISHING COLLEGE, TIFFANY!!! ❤ It's truly amazing, and I wish you all the success!! Sadly, I don't seem to have any job-hunting tips. Or maybe just apply to everything you think it's interesting, even if you don't believe you have enough qualifications. Once I applied to a job that I knew I couldn't really accept (because it was so far from my house, and I didn't have a car, it was full-time and all, …), but it seemed so fancy (they even provided my own company phone and tablet lmao), and I didn't have some things they asked for, and I seriously doubted they'd call me for an interview based on my CV … but they did, and that was a big ego boost hahaha Good luck!!


  5. Omg TIFFANY CONGRATULATIONS ON GRADUATING!! Yay, that’s so amazing. And yay for the reading you got done, seems like you had a super great month. I’m very pumped to read Black Sun and A Taste For Love <3<3 sending lots of love!!!


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