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Monthly Recap : May ’21

Hello hello everyone! I’m (sort of) back! I have to take an unexpected hiatus since February due to personal reasons, but (hopefully) I’m now back for good since I do miss blogging and reading. Anyway, a lot has happened on my life during the last 3 months. First thing first, I’m officially graduated! Back in March, I attended my online graduation ceremony. Honestly, I’m a bit sad since I didn’t get the ‘graduation vibes’ at all (and not to mention the internet connection was laggy), but since the pandemic is still going strong here, there’s not much I can do.

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monthly recap

Monthly Recap : January ’21

Happy new year 2021! I can’t believe we’ve passed the first month of 2021. Usually, January is my most productive month compared to other months, but not this year. I honestly feel like this is version 2.0 of 2020 since nothing seems to change.

First thing first, I finally graduated from college!! I actually passed my thesis defense back in December, but it became official in January when I got the letter. Now I’m just waiting for the graduation ceremony in March, while doing something that every recent college-grad hate…job hunting. Not gonna lie, most of my January were spent looking for jobs at job portals but ended up applying to none of them because I’m honestly confused at what I want to do. I don’t like my major that much which is why I’m looking for something else, but I haven’t found that something yet. If you have any tips about finding job as a recent graduates I’d appreciate itContinue reading “Monthly Recap : January ’21”

monthly recap

Monthly Recap : November ’20

Can you believe that we’ve passed 11 MONTHS in 2020? I feel like March is just a few weeks ago, when in reality we’re just 4 weeks away from 2021 😱

November is probably my happiest month so far (I mean, as happy as one can be when one’s still not allowed to leave the house) because I FINALLY SUBMITTED MY UNDERGRAD THESIS. I’ve been working on it, give or take, since March and I’m just glad it’s done. Now I’m just waiting for my defense date, and if I pass it, your girl is (un)officially graduated this year! Beside uni-related things, I didn’t do much except scrolling through social media and playing with my cat.

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Monthly Recap : October ’20

We’ve officially entered the rainy season in my part of the world, but instead of getting colder, it keep getting hotter and hotter. Usually I didn’t mind it as much since I spend most of my time at uni, where I’m at air-conditioned rooms almost all time. But now that I’m at home, it feels more unbearable. I can’t even take a good ol’ nap during the day anymore. On the positive side, this means more time doing productive things.

In general, my October was much better than the previous months. I’m still doing my thesis most of the time, but the progress was much better so I didn’t have many breakdowns. I was also able to relax more and do other things. Also, I went out to the mall for the first time since March! It wasn’t really for fun since I have to do something there, but it’s still nice to go somewhere other than the grocery store.

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Monthly Recap : September ’20

Does anyone feel like time move faster and faster these days? I’ve now begin to think that 24 hours a day is not enough. Ever since this semester started back in August, I’ve been trying to catch up on my undergrad thesis, and September is no different. There are zero days that I didn’t open my laptop to do it (yes, even on Sunday), and it made me so stressful. I’ve been trying to meditate to calm things down, so if you have any tips or books about meditating/self-help I’d greatly appreciate it

On a less stressful note, I finally got a kindle! I usually read e-books on my phone, but since online learning started I’ve been staring at my laptop too often and my eyes hurt. Having a kindle definitely make reading easier. I highly recommend it if you’re thinking of getting it!

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monthly recap

Monthly Recap : August ’20

august definitely wasn’t as fast as june or july, but it’s still passed by pretty quickly. earlier this month, i started my final year of college (!!), but since i only have 1 class and it’s held online, things weren’t really changing. beside that 1 class, i spend most of my times doing my undergrad thesis, and this is basically the source of my stress this month. thesis are difficult in general, and add a pandemic on top of that…let’s just say it’s not a walk in a park. i have around 3 months to finish it, so finger crossed it’ll work out! Continue reading “Monthly Recap : August ’20”

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Monthly Recap : July ’20

how is it the end of another month, again? ever since i started social distancing, i feel like the days are blurring together, and because of that, i couldn’t even remember whether i did this activities yesterday or last week. i’m thinking of finding a job that could be done from home, but sadly with the pandemic still ongoing jobs are pretty much quite scarce, especially part-time jobs (also, i have zero experience with finding jobs). so yeah, pretty much i did nothing this month except watching movies and tv series, and trying to get a headstart on my undergrad thesis. beside that, i thiiink i cooked a dish? i remember making chicken with mentai sauce (no pics because it’s my first time and it looks ugly, but it tasted pretty good), but i wasn’t sure if i did it this month or last month 🤡 oh, i also revived my bookstagram again, so if you’re interested please check it out ❤

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monthly recap

Monthly Recap : June ’20

can you believe it’s the end of another month, again? and half of 2020 is already over? i want 2020 to be over just as much as anyone else, but honestly i’m also kinda alarmed at how fast it went. it feels like yesterday when we all start social distancing. anyway, i didn’t do much (as always) this month. i had my finals on june, so now i’m officially done with junior year. if all goes well, next semester will be my last one in college since i only need to finish my undergraduate thesis. sadly, my uni has given the notification that we’re going online until the end of the year, so i can’t meet my friends and have proper ‘senior experience’ on our last year 😦 hopefully by graduation next year, the pandemic is over so at least i could meet them again! aside from that, i’m proud to say that i finished chloe ting’s 28 days challenge!! it’s my first time doing regular exercise since high school 3 years ago, so it was really tiring, but it made me feel good.

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Monthly Recap : May ’20

how is may over in the blink of an eye? i feel like it’s just yesterday when i write my april recap post. as predicted, there aren’t much going on with my life in may. i’m still attending zoom university and doing college assignment most of the time. since we can’t meet up, some of my group assignments are being turned into individual assignments, so i have to spend extra time to do it. other than that, i’m (kinda) proud to say that i finally tried baking for the first time (!!!). i baked brownies the other day, and it looks awful, but at least it’s edible 🤷. i plan to try again when i finished my finals.

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monthly recap

Monthly Recap : April ’20

the cake my friends sent me!

how did march last 73637 years and april passed by in 9.23 seconds? is it because we spend so much time at home, that we lost track of time (not gonna lie, sometimes i don’t even remember what date is it). anyway, since i’ve been social distancing and basically not leaving the house since mid-march (except for that one time i drove to the nearest mcdonald because i’m craving for an ice cream, but turns out the machine broke), there weren’t a lot of things that i did this month. earlier in april, i turned 21, and eventhough i couldn’t celebrate it, my friends were kind enough to send me cakes ❤ i also bought books to cheer myself up, of course. aside from that, basically i’m just attending zoom university and doing college assignments that seems to doubled up somehow. originally, i also planned to start baking (and i’ve even bought the ingredients!), but ironically i haven’t found the time yet. hopefully i’ll start in may.

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