Review Policy


Thank you for your interest in String of Pages! First thing first, all the reviews in this blog are honest and include my detailed thoughts on the book, whether it’s a positive or negative reviews. When I write a review, it’ll also includes details of the book, such as cover, title, author(s) name, genre, publication date, publisher, as well as Goodreads and purchase link. The reviews will also be posted on Goodreads, and will be promoted in my social media (twitter and instagram).


My preferred genres are:
– Fantasy
– Contemporary
– Historical Fiction
– Romance

Generally, I read and review Young Adult books, but I’m open to Middle Grade, New Adult, and Adult book as well.

Before You Request

Some things to keep in mind before you send your request:
– My preferred format is physical copy or ebook
– If you decide to send me ebook, I only accept in .mobi or .epub format
– If you decide to send me physical copy, I live in Indonesia
– If I’m interested in reviewing your books, I’ll get back to you within one week. If not, unfortunately, I’m currently busy with other things or I’m not interested.

How to Request

Please send your request to my email, or fill out my contact form.

Please include:
– Cover
– Title
– Summary/Synopsis
– Genre
– Publication Date
– Book format (physical or ebook)
– Link to Goodreads

Thank you! ❤