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10 Books I Love But Never Reviewed

hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl


it’s a truth universally acknowledged that writing a review for books you love is much, much harder than writing a review for books you dislike. because of this, i have A LOT of books that are amazing, but i never wrote a review for it. so for today’s TTT, here are 10 books i love but never reviewed :

1. the shadows between us by tricia levenseller
if you’re looking for books with morally-grey characters (also with morally-grey love interest!!!), please pick up this book! this is such a great book and i really wish it’s not a stand-alone since i can’t get enough of it.

2. don’t date rosa santos by nina moreno
everything about this book is just so beautiful–from the story to the setting ❤ the main character, rosa santos, is cuban-american, so this book is focused on living as diaspora. as a diaspora myself (although from a different culture), i could relate on personal level with this book, and that’s why i really love it!

3. city of ghosts by victoria schwab
i picked this one on a whim, but turns out this book is just so good and wholesome!! it’s basically about cassidy blake (along with her ghost best-friend jacob) fighting evil presence while travelling with cassidy’s parents who’s filming a show about finding ghost in haunted places (yes, the irony). the second book, tunnel of bones, is just as good and now i’m impatiently waiting for book 3.

4. 10 blind dates by ashley eston
this one is just so cute and perfect for a quick read! to cheer her up since her breakup, sophie’s family set her up on 10 different blind dates, and some dates are more hilarious than the others. 10 blind dates is mostly focused on family dynamic, and i think it’s one of the best i’ve ever read. also, despite the many dates, there’s only 1 love interest here and it’s quite obvious since the beginning ❤

5. first & then by emma mills
it’s my first emma mills’s books and it’s the reason why i picked up her other books. first & then is loosely based on pride and prejudice, and me being me always love anything related to pride and prejudice. the other reason why it’s one of my favorite is because i saw myself in devon, the main character. she reminds me so much of myself, in terms that we have no idea what we want. in most contemporary i’ve read, usually the main characters are already sure what major they want to pursue or what kind of work they wanna do, so when i read this book i feel like i found myself in it.

6. summer bird blue by akemi dawn bowman
sad and beautiful, two words that i’d use to describe summer bird blue. this book follows rumi on a healing journey after her sister’s death, and along those journey, she also found herself. honestly i couldn’t quite explain why i love this book, but i think you’re missing out if you don’t read it.

7. of curses and kisses (st. rosetta’s academy #1) by sandhya menon
beauty and the beast retelling set in boarding school!! (sort-of) hate-to-love romance!! need i say more?

8. clap when you land by elizabeth acevedo
after their father died in a plane crash, camino and yahaira found out the secret that their father has hide his whole life, all the while trying to cope with grief. i really really recommend the audiobook (available on scribd) because it’s narrated by the author and it’s one of the best audiobook i’ve ever read.

9. alex, approximately by jenn bennett
seeing that this book is my favorite jenn bennett’s book (i love all of her books, but if i have to pick one i’ll pick this) and i’ve re-read this book like 3 times probably, i should’ve been able to write a review about it, but sadly i can’t. i’m just a sucker for this kind of story ❤

10. to kill a kingdom by alexandra christo
i recently re-read this book and i’m reminded why i love it back then! inspired by the original little mermaid story, this book follows siren-princess lira and siren-hunter elian as they try to kill each other while also battling their feelings.

have you read any of these books? if so, what did you think of it? don’t forget to leave your TTT link in the comment ❤

19 thoughts on “10 Books I Love But Never Reviewed

  1. Ah I love that you put this post together because there are so many books that I’ve loved but never did a whole post either. I’ve been really eye-ing Don’t Date Rosa Santos, City of Ghosts and also Of Curses and Kisses 🙂 Also desperately need to read Akemi Dawn Bowman’s books and hoping to get to Clap on audiobook asap. Loved reading this post xoxo


  2. I’ve read (and reviewed) Of Curses and Kisses and Alex, Approximately. I want to read City of Ghosts and Summer Bird Blue. So many books, so little time! Glad you liked them!


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