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Nostalgiathon : Reminiscing All the Childhood Faves!

hello everyone! i’m so excited to say that i’ll be participating in Nostalgiathon, which is a read-a-thon to read all your childhood faves ❤ i’ve loved reading since i was a child, so when this was announced i literally tried to find my childhood books at 1 AM. i found some books and i realize i barely remember anything from it, so this is the perfect time to re-read it. in this post, i’m going to share books and activities i’m gonna read and do.

what is nostalgiathon?

Nostalgiathon is a 10 days read-a-thon, created by the lovely Alexandra @ Twirling Pages, Tiffany @ Read by Tiffany, and Breanna @ Milkyboos. aside from reading, there’re also fun activities to reminisce your childhood days, plus a netflix watch party! you can find more info about the Nostalgiathon through their twitter.

book prompts and TBR list

1. read a childhood book with pictures
back when we were a kid, my friends and i loved to collect the entire chicken soup for the soul graphic novel. the stories are amazing and the pictures are gorgeous! there are 3 graphic novels in this series and i’m going to read them all (also fun fact : i always said that percy jackson made me read YA books, but it was chicken soup books that made me read actual novel in the first place)

2. read a friend’s favorite childhood book
my friend introduced me to the malory towers series by enid blyton, but for some reasons i haven’t finished this series yet :’) so yeah, this is long overdue but i’m gonna try to finish this series during nostalgiathon.

3. read a book with fantasy element
for this prompt, i’ll read fira and the full moon by gail herman, from the tales of pixie hollows series. i really love this series as a child, to the point that i was begging my parents to bought me these books. also, the cover is so pretty with the glitter and all ❤

4. read a popular childhood book you’ve never read
i love princess diaries’s movies and i’ve read lots of meg cabot’s book, but i haven’t actually read princess diaries book yet!

5. read a book where you wanted to be the main character
i’m choosing percy jackson and the lightning thief for this prompt. percy jackson shaped a huge part of my childhood, and i still love it till now. for so long i’ve fantasized about becoming a demigod, so it’s only fitting that i choose this book.

beside those books, i’ll also read the group book, matilda by roald dahl! i LOVE the movie and i’ve watched it countless times, but i never actually read the book so i’m excited to do it.

life challenges

1. watch your favorite childhood movie
since i speak about neverland above, i’ve decided to re-watch peter pan movie (2003)! i was ~obsessed~ with this movie back then and i lowkey had a crush on the guy playing peter pan. i haven’t watched this movie in a while, so i think it’d be nice to revisit my childhood through this.

2. do an arts or crafts project
honestly i’m still not sure what activities i’m gonna do, but i’ll probably do some coloring. i still have some coloring books that i never finished, so it’ll be the perfect time to finish it (also to de-stress since i’ve been feeling low lately)

3. play favorite childhood game
i played a lot of games back then (diner dash, feeding frenzy, and plant vs. zombies are some of my faves), but sadly i don’t own those games anymore. in fact, the only computer games i still have until now is the sims, so i’ll probably play it since it’s been a long time.

let’s chat!

are you planning to participate in Nostalgiathon? also, what’s your favorite childhood books and movies?

9 thoughts on “Nostalgiathon : Reminiscing All the Childhood Faves!

  1. This sounds so fun!! I just read The Princess Diaries last summer because I never read it when I was younger and it was such a great read. Hope you have the best time in this readathon! ❤


  2. Ah I love your plans, also wanting to participate and I think it’s going to be so much fun xx I LOVE the Peter Pan movie too, so enjoy your rewatch. And hope you like The Princess Diaries, I ADORE the films and I don’t remember how many of the books I read. I had the audiobook CDs as a kid and remember listening to the last two on repeat. THE NOSTALGIA hehe


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