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Monthly Recap : August ’20

august definitely wasn’t as fast as june or july, but it’s still passed by pretty quickly. earlier this month, i started my final year of college (!!), but since i only have 1 class and it’s held online, things weren’t really changing. beside that 1 class, i spend most of my times doing my undergrad thesis, and this is basically the source of my stress this month. thesis are difficult in general, and add a pandemic on top of that…let’s just say it’s not a walk in a park. i have around 3 months to finish it, so finger crossed it’ll work out!

beside college, i really didn’t do anything else. i’m still social distancing (honestly it feels like i’m the only one left?? lots of people i follow on instagram are already going out for fun and it made me 🤬) and only leave my home to go grocery shopping. i re-decorated my room a bit so i could have a change of scenery. i bought books again (oops; more to it later). oh, and i joined nostalgiathon to reminisce my childhood and it’s really fun (also it helped me de-stress!).

since my reading appetite came back, i don’t watch a lot of movies and tv shows this month. earlier this month i finished the umbrella academy s2, and it was great! it was a bit slow at the beginning, but the latter episodes were really interesting. i also watched the babysitter’s club during nostalgiathon, and that show is super fun!! it seems like not many people know about it, so if you’re reading this i hope you add it to your watch-list ❤

review :

the gilded wolves by roshani chokshi – 4/5 stars

other :

10 books i love but never reviewed
nostalgiathon // reminiscing all the childhood faves!

i read a total of 7 books this month, so i think i’m officially out of my book slump! here’s what i read in august :



to kill a kingdom by alexandra christo (re-read) – 4/5 stars
fira and the full moon by gail herman – 3/5 stars
first term at malory towers by enid blyton – 3/5 stars
matilda by roald dahl – 3/5 stars
the princess diaries by meg cabot – 3.5/5 stars
cemetery boys by aiden thomas – 4/5 stars
the poppy war by r. f. kuang – 5/5 stars

my favorite book this month is, no doubt, the poppy war! this whole book is a masterpiece and i can’t believe it took me 2 years to finally pick it up. i especially love how r. f. kuang based this book on real events that happened during the second sino-japanese war, and adding the practice of shamanism to it. i definitely recommend this book, but please check the trigger warning first. my second favorite read is cemetery boys by aiden thomas. this book is really great and wonderful, and it’s out today so grab a copy if you can!

this month, i also broke my buying ban and bought a total of 5 books :

  • the hammer of thor (i got this for like $1 and it’s a hardcover!!)
  • percy jackson’s greek heroes
  • the poppy war (kindle–this was on sale on amazon UK)
  • the dragon republic (kindle–also on sale)
  • the dragon republic (paperback–because turns out my local bookstore sold them so i have to get it. yes, i’m a 🤡)

beside that, somehow, i also got approved for the invisible life of addie larue by v. e. schwab!! this is one of my most anticipated read and i can’t wait to dive into it.

how’s your august? how many books did you read? what’s your favorite books from august?

12 thoughts on “Monthly Recap : August ’20

  1. Oh I loved To Kill A Kingdom! I watched all of S2 of The Umbrella Academy as well, my only disappointment is having to wait for season 3. 😭 I hope it won’t be as delayed as The Witcher!


  2. Omg which bookstore sold The Poppy War and the Dragon Republic? I’ve been looking for a copy but the price are really expensive 😅 Congrats on getting approved for The Invisible Life, I’m looking forward for your review and I hope it will lives up to your expectations!

    I feel you on thesis, the pandemic adds so much stress to the experience!


  3. same feelings about August…I dont count the days just the number of books I have finished is my sort of a lot of stuff including comicbooks and im waiting for my history books…anyways, God bless with your thesis…


  4. i feel august went by super quickly, it’s crazy!! but i did read decently, and my favourite book of august was the poppy war as well ❤


  5. Ah, you had such a great month!! I need to pick it up but hehe am lowkey terrified of The Poppy War. Need to prepare myself bc gore is a lot and also its high fantasy.

    I literally also just rewatched The Princess Diaries movie a week or so again and ugh THE MEMORIES. I don’t know if I ever read the first book of the series but when I was like 10, I’d fall asleep to the audiobook of #10 and I replayed it the other day and wow nostalgia. Wow tangent lmao

    Wishing you a lovely September Tiffany xx


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