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Monthly Recap : June ’20

can you believe it’s the end of another month, again? and half of 2020 is already over? i want 2020 to be over just as much as anyone else, but honestly i’m also kinda alarmed at how fast it went. it feels like yesterday when we all start social distancing. anyway, i didn’t do much (as always) this month. i had my finals on june, so now i’m officially done with junior year. if all goes well, next semester will be my last one in college since i only need to finish my undergraduate thesis. sadly, my uni has given the notification that we’re going online until the end of the year, so i can’t meet my friends and have proper ‘senior experience’ on our last year 😦 hopefully by graduation next year, the pandemic is over so at least i could meet them again! aside from that, i’m proud to say that i finished chloe ting’s 28 days challenge!! it’s my first time doing regular exercise since high school 3 years ago, so it was really tiring, but it made me feel good.

to be honest, these days my mental health isn’t really good. i basically have been at home for almost 4 months now, and eventhough i spend most of that time to do college assignments, i feel like i’m so unproductive? not only that, i also keep thinking about what i’m gonna do after i graduate. i literally have zero work experience, and honestly i don’t even know what kind of job i want to do and whether i’m able to get a good job or not. i don’t even like my major that much to begin with. if any of you have some tips or story on what to do after you graduate, that’ll be great ❤

just like last month, i’m still obsessed with watching k-dramas. this month, i watched Welcome to Waikiki 1, Chocolate, Mystic Pop-up Bar, She was Pretty, and Dr. Romantic 1. my favorites are chocolate, mystic pop-up bar, and dr. romantic 1, so i really really recommend them (especially Chocolate since it has a very soft romance 😌). i’m also starting It’s Okay to not be Okay, which is an ongoing k-drama and it’s pretty interesting so far.

i posted 4 posts this month, which is a little but still more than what i post in may. here it is:

Monthly Recap : May ’20

Tiffany’s summer TBR (of which i only read 1 book so far)

percy jackson/heroes of olympus book tag

upcoming 2020 books i’m excited to read

since i’m practically still obsessed with k-dramas, i only manage to read 2 books this month :


my plain jane by cynthia hand, jodi meadows, and brodi ashton – 3/5 stars
it’s the second installment of my lady jane, one of my favorite book back in 2016. i actually like the premise, but the execution kinda fell short? and it definitely wasn’t as funny as my lady jane. still enjoyed it, though!

serpent & dove by shelby mahurin – 4/5 stars
i’ve heard about this book a lot from another bloggers, and it’s either a hit or miss for them. fortunately, i end up liking this book, especially because of the enemies-to-lovers/fake-marriage tropes. the concept and world building is pretty unique, but it took awhile for me to understand them.

how’s your june? how many books did you read? and if you have any movies/tv series recs, please leave them in the comment ❤

6 thoughts on “Monthly Recap : June ’20

  1. Yay for finishing the semester, but hope you can make it back. I’ve been at home too, but I’m a first-year and honestly kinda like being at home ahhh.

    Sad that My Plain Jane was a disappointment, I really want to start that series. But glad you liked S&D, it’s such trash but I love it. I’m a terrible person I know hehe.


  2. I totally feel you. I did a couple of internships yet I feel like I don’t really fit with my current study, but in order to pursue other field, I need experience in which I need to have the knowledge (that I didn’t learn). It’s scary and make me anxious tbh.

    I love Serpent & Dove so I’m glad you like it too! I’ve been seeing a lot of good things about Mystic Pop Up Bar, I hope I can watch it this month.


  3. ah, i’m so sorry that you’ve been feeling a bit unsure about what to do after graduation! i have no advice to give you, sadly, but i’m sending so much love. you can do it!! ❤ also, would you recommend the chloe ting 28 day challenge? i've done two of her challenges, and 2 week shred was my favorite and the most effective for me personally. i'm supposed to be doing it again, but all my motivation has left me. maybe starting a different challenge will help me get it back lmao

    kdramas!! omg i really like them! not a lot hold my interest long enough for me to watch them all the way through, but the ones that do are *chef's kiss*. i think my personal faves are crash landing on you and weightlifting fairy. i'm currently watching it's okay to not be okay, and it's good, but not really holding my interest. i'll definitely check out chocolate and mystic pop-up bar!!


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