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10 Authors Whose Books I’ve Read the Most

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hi everyone! for today’s top ten tuesday topic, i’m going to talk about authors whose works i’ve read the most. i’ve actually talked about this around 1.5 years ago, but i only list 5 authors back then so i’m going to add more here. this is actually a fun way to keep track on my favorites, so here we go :

1. Rick Riordan – 19 books


it’s no surprise that Rick’s still number one, seeing that i’m basically obsessed with percy jackson since i was like 12 or 13 years old. now, 8 years later, i’ve read a total of 19 books by him (some of them i’ve read multiple times) :

2. Meg Cabot – 15 books


back in junior high and senior high, i used to read many of meg cabot’s books since they’re really light and fun, and for some reasons my school’s library has lots of her books. since i didn’t have goodreads back then, i only remember these 15 books, but i’m pretty sure i read more than this :

3. Kasie West – 12 books


Kasie West is one of my favorite contemporary author, and once upon a time i took a pride in the fact that i’ve read all of her books (now i’m behind on 2 books, but i’m getting to it!). so far, i’ve read 12 books by her (and i’ve reviewed 10 of these here!) :

4. Ally Carter – 10 books


another author whose books are really fun! i first fell in love with Carter’s books thanks to heist society (side note, but i’m still waiting for Hale’s full name!), which is the first ‘heist’ book that i read. i’ve read 10 books by her so far :

5. Cassandra Clare – 9 books


the mortal instrument might be Cassie’s most popular books, but my obsession with the shadowhunter chronicles actually begin with the infernal devices, which has the only love-triangle trope that i actually love. until now, i might haven’t finished TMI yet (and frankly, i don’t have any plan to read the series soon), but i love her other series.

6. Marie Lu – 6 books


like most people, legend series started my love toward Marie Lu. i was obsessed with that series back in 2015, but Marie Lu’s other books amaze me too. her writing range is also astounding, from dystopian (legend), to fantasy (the young elites), to another dystopian (warcross), and her latest, historical fiction (the kingdom of back). i still need to read 4 of her books (3 of which are waiting on my shelf), but books read so far :

7. Jenn Bennett – 5 books


Jenn Bennett is another author whose contemporary books i really, really love! i first read the anatomical shape of a heart, and ever since that i have been (not so) patiently waiting for her next book. books read :

8. V.E. Schwab – 5 books


i’ve only started reading Schwab’s books in 2018, but her books quickly became my favorites. i was curious with a darker shade of magic series since so many people love it, and i can finally see why they love it. it has such an interesting and unique concept, and schwab’s writing is beautiful.

9. Kiera Cass – 5 books


i couldn’t deny that i like this series back when i was in junior high. the selection has everything a 12-years-old me love : a prince and a happily ever after. i may be indifferent toward this series now, but let’s be honest, i’ll probably watch the adaptation on netflix when it airs 👀

10. Tahereh Mafi – 4 books


Tahereh is one of my favorite author back in 2015, since i love shatter me and its unique writing style. i haven’t read her other books or continue this series, but maybe someday i’ll read it. books read :

have you read any book by these authors? what did you think of them? and don’t forget to leave your TTT link ❤

15 thoughts on “10 Authors Whose Books I’ve Read the Most

  1. This is such a great list and I love so many of these authors! I really need to read more Marie Lu. I’ve read one book but own like all of them! lol


  2. The Infernal Devices love triangle is the best! I’ve read books by Clare, Bennett, Lu, Schwab, and Mafi (although not the Shatter Me series, yet). I’ve bought about 5 Schwab books but have only read one (couldn’t pass on them when they were $1.99).


  3. I’ve read 5 books by V.E. Schwab as well, and I have two others that I need to get to soon. I do love her work! And I feel like I’ve probably read a lot of Meg Cabot in the past since I read most of the Princess Diaries series, among other titles.



  4. Ah so glad I’ve found your blog, and I love this post!! Rick is also on my list. The internet is making me want to do a reread hehe. And yay for VE Schwab, she’s SUCH a queen and I adore her books ❤


  5. Oh yes Rick Riordan and Kasie West are two of the authors I’ve read numerous of. At this point, they’re my auto-buy authors and always look out for their new books. I have yet to read any of Cassandra Clare’s books, which is very bad of me I know, but I’m looking forward to it. For Marie Lu, I have yet to continue the rest of her Legend series and I’m enjoying it so far 💖


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