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Monthly Recap : May ’20

how is may over in the blink of an eye? i feel like it’s just yesterday when i write my april recap post. as predicted, there aren’t much going on with my life in may. i’m still attending zoom university and doing college assignment most of the time. since we can’t meet up, some of my group assignments are being turned into individual assignments, so i have to spend extra time to do it. other than that, i’m (kinda) proud to say that i finally tried baking for the first time (!!!). i baked brownies the other day, and it looks awful, but at least it’s edible 🤷. i plan to try again when i finished my finals.

i didn’t read many books this month, and that’s because i re-discovered my love toward k-dramas! i seem to have a ‘k-dramas phase’, aka when i watch nothing but k-dramas for a period of time. my last ‘k-dramas phase’ was around july-october last year when i manage to watch 8 k-dramas, and since then i haven’t watched a single k-dramas. so far i’ve watched kingdom, crash landing on you, moon embracing the sun, and moonlight drawn by clouds. all of them are good, but my favorite are a tie between kingdom and moon embracing the sun ❤ aside from k-dramas, i’m also watching everyone’s favorite cartoon : avatar the last airbender! i watched this show when i was a child, but i don’t think i’ve watched ALL of the episodes? i’m still on season 2, but it reminds me why i love this show back then.

the highlight of may was definitely when Rick Riordan announced that we’re getting a percy jackson adaptation!! i know it will be years before we actually get to see it, but i’m still excited nonetheless. i’m planning to re-read percy jackson sometimes this year since i barely remember it.

i’m debating whether i should post this section or not since i post a grand total of 1 POST in may 🤡 a post is a post though, so here’s what i post :

i shared some of my favorite opening lines in books in my latest TTT post

before i got into my k-dramas phase, i still manage to read 5 books, and here they are :


harley in the sky by akemi dawn bowman (5/5 stars)
this is the second akemi’s books that i read this year, and i love it as much as i love summer bird blue. the circus setting is also beautiful. definitely my favorite read this month ❤

all your twisted secrets by diana urban (3.5/5 stars)
eventhough i enjoyed this book, i’m also expecting more? i really thought those ‘secrets’ were deadly or something, but they weren’t.

songs from the deep by kelly powell (4.5/5 stars)
really love the setting and the atmosphere of this book! it has the scorpio races and the wicked deep vibes, and it really made me want to move to an island like in this book.

clap when you land by elizabeth acevedo (4.5/5 stars)
the story is beautiful, but the way elizabeth narrate this book made me fell in love with it. eventhough i’ve only read a few audiobooks, so far elizabeth narrates the best. everyone should try to read an audiobook narrated by her at least once!

marriage on madison avenue by lauren layne (3.5/5 stars)
this is my first adult contemporary this year, and i liked it! i’m aware that it’s actually the third book in a series-standalone, but since this one has best-friend-to-romance i decide to read it first.

i’d also use this post to remind you guys to keep supporting #BlackLivesMatter. boosting Black people’s voices, signing petitions, and/or donating are some of the easiest way to do it. This link provide a detailed way on how you can keep supporting, so i really hope you guys won’t stop ❤

how’s your May? did you get a new hobby? what’s your favorite books from this month?

5 thoughts on “Monthly Recap : May ’20

  1. Yes, you’re watching avatar!! It’s a childhood favourite of mine and I have seen all the episodes. 😊 I’m glad you enjoy it so far. // I’m currently watching the very hyped anime My Hero Academia and I’m loving it. 🦸🏼‍♀️🦸🏽‍♂️


  2. Omg how have I never found your blog before

    Ahh I literally just finished Children of Blood and Bone and now I really want to watch Avatar!! I know I’ll love it and I’m in a huge animation mood.

    Ugh I cannot wait to read Clap When You Land!! Elizabeth Acevedo is so amazing ❤

    My favourite read of May was Beach Read by Emily Henry. Adult romance is a new genre for me but ahh that one was SO GOOD. And I also did a reread of The Raven Cycle which broke me and I LOVED


    1. ahh please watch avatar! i just finished it and re-watching it definitely was the best decision i’ve made in a while ❤ i've heard good things about Beach Read so i'll check it out soon. also hope you get to read Clap When You Land, it's really stunning!

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