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Monthly Recap : April ’20

the cake my friends sent me!

how did march last 73637 years and april passed by in 9.23 seconds? is it because we spend so much time at home, that we lost track of time (not gonna lie, sometimes i don’t even remember what date is it). anyway, since i’ve been social distancing and basically not leaving the house since mid-march (except for that one time i drove to the nearest mcdonald because i’m craving for an ice cream, but turns out the machine broke), there weren’t a lot of things that i did this month. earlier in april, i turned 21, and eventhough i couldn’t celebrate it, my friends were kind enough to send me cakes ❤ i also bought books to cheer myself up, of course. aside from that, basically i’m just attending zoom university and doing college assignments that seems to doubled up somehow. originally, i also planned to start baking (and i’ve even bought the ingredients!), but ironically i haven’t found the time yet. hopefully i’ll start in may.

this month, i also finished elite season 3 and it’s basically a roller coaster of emotional journey. it took me quite a long time to finish it since i got bored in the beginning, but things picked up in the latter episodes, and in the end, i’m sad to see that the season’s over and (possibly??) we won’t see them in the next season. but still, i think it wrapped up perfectly.

here’s what i posted on my blog in april :

review :
royals by rachel hawkins – 4 stars
♣ the lady rogue by jenn bennett – 3.5 stars

others :
monthly recap : march ’20
why do i buy these books? 
books i rarely talk about (but i love them!)

this month, i finished 9 books and i’m quite proud of it since usually i didn’t read that many in april. here’s what i read :



letters to the lost by brigid kemmerer – 4.5 stars
the wicked deep by shea ernshaw – 3 stars
when we collided by emery lord – 4.5 stars
what i like about you by marisa kanter – 2 stars
summer bird blue by akemi dawn bowman – 4.5 stars
lovestruck by kate watson – 3 stars
american panda by gloria chao – 3.5 stars
you owe me a murder by eileen cook – 3 stars
of curses and kisses by sandhya menon – 4 stars

my favorite book from april were a tie between when we collided and summer bird blue. both books are just so beautiful and eye-opening in a way. i definitely recommend them!

i also mentioned that i bought books for my birthday, and said books are wicked fox by kat cho, the kingdom of back by marie lu, and legendary by stephanie garber. it’s been a while since i bought more than one physical book per month (unless there’s a book fair), but birthday (and social distancing) made me do it 😉

how’s your april? what are you doing during social distancing? also, if you have book and tv series recs, i’m always open for it ❤

10 thoughts on “Monthly Recap : April ’20

  1. Awww happy belated birthday!! Hopefully you’ll get to celebrate when all of this is over ❤️ I’ve been wanting to get into baking as well but I’ve been eating badly enough as it is, and I don’t want the extra temptation of sugary goodness in my house (not to say that it would actually BE any good…😂)

    I actually read American Panda this month as well…unfortunately I REALLY didn’t enjoy it. At all 😢But I’m glad you had a pretty good reading month overall!

    Hope you have a fantastic May!


  2. YES I’m so HAPPY you loved When We Collided, it’s honestly one of my favourite books of all time ❤ Plus that cover is gorgeous!
    I have to check out Summer Bird Blue – I also really enjoyed Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman, so I need to read this one!


  3. I love that you read so much books this month 🙂 All of them look amazing and I’m glad to see that you enjoyed most of them. I’ve been seeing When We Collided often, and I am considering if I should read it next time. Letters to the Lost also looks like an interesting read. I hope you have a great month this May ❤

    jillian @ jillian etc.


  4. When did April even start? This whole month has been a blur lol. Looks like you read some good books though! I really want to check out Summer Bird Blue because I’ve heard such great things! Wonderful wrap-up ❤


  5. Omg I hope you enjoy Wicked Fox! I absolutely adored it and can’t wait for the sequel. Also, Letters to the Lost is such a lovely book – I’m not surprised it’s your top-rated this past month! Hope you have a great reading month during May hehe.


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