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Why Do I Buy These Books?

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hi everyone! for today’s topic, we’re gonna talk about some reasons why i bought books. since i live internationally (where library didn’t exist!), i don’t have the luxury to buy any books that i want. so, i mostly buy books based on its plot and the review from fellow bloggers who have similar taste with me. that’s why, below i’ll talk about reasons beside plot that made me buy a book :

reasons #1
authors whose works i previously enjoy

the dark artifices, the last hours, and tales from the shadowhunter academy by cassandra clare

pretty much i bought every book that’s published after the infernal devices because apparently, i’m a trash for this series. the funny thing is, i haven’t even read the series that start it all, the mortal instruments (except city of bones).

heroes of olympus, magnus chase, trials of apollo, and percy jackson’s greek gods by rick riordan

again, i bought every book after percy jackson series because i just love rick riordan’s writing. the first time i read percy jackson, i can’t stop laughing every few pages (and this isn’t an exaggeration).

the kingdom of back by marie lu

to be honest, if this book weren’t written by marie lu, i probably wouldn’t get this. yes, the cover is pretty, but i rarely read books with similar theme like this. still, since i love marie lu’s legend and the young elites, i’m gonna read this one.

alex, approximately by jenn bennett

i bought this book since i love bennett’s first contemporary, the anatomical shape of a heart. until today, i’ve read 4 (out of 5) of her contemporary books, and while i love them all, i think alex, approximately is still my favorite.

reasons #2
giving in to the hype

caraval by stephanie garber

i remember sometimes during 2016, a few months before caraval’s release date, everyone on twitter is freaking out about this book. i finally cave in and bought this books too, and i’m so glad that i end up enjoying it.

six of crows by leigh bardugo

i actually got six of crows from a giveaway, and end up liking it so much that i bought crooked kingdom in hardcover just so it’d match the first book. to this day, it remains the priciest books i’ve ever bought, but thankfully it’s worth it.

the folk of the air by holly black

i read the cruel prince sometimes in 2019, but i was in a reading slump that i don’t even remember half of it. it wasn’t until the last book, the queen of nothing, was released that made everyone talk about this book. the hype made me bought the rest of the series and binge-reading it.

the wrath and the dawn by renee ahdieh

everyone i know seems to love this book so much, that made me buy both books in the series at the same time (a pretty risky move, considering how much books cost in my country). thankfully, the hype was right and i end up loving this book too.

reasons #3
pretty cover!

roseblood by a. g. howard

i never read any book by a. g. howard before, but since it was on sale and i couldn’t resist the pretty cover, i figure i’d give it a try. i end up giving it 5 stars.

the winner’s trilogy by marie rutkoski

aren’t the dresses in the cover pretty? the plot does sound amazing (and it is amazing!), but i think it was the dress in the cover that first caught my eye. i just wish they didn’t change the title’s style mid-series.


have you read any of these books? if so, what made you read them? don’t forget to leave your TTT link in the comment ❤

15 thoughts on “Why Do I Buy These Books?

  1. I totally get buying all of Cassandra Clare’s books. I have all of the Infernal Devices, Mortal Instruments, and The Dark Artifices as well. Great Post!

    My TTT


  2. I think I used to buy things because of hype a lot more in the past than I do now, but Winner’s Curse was definitely one I fell for (but now it’s one of my fave series, so I guess it was a win?)


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