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Books I’m Going to Read This Spring!

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hey everyone!! it’s been quite a while since i wrote a top ten tuesday post, so i hope you’re doing well, eventhough there’s pandemic going on around us. because of said pandemic, my uni has officially going online for a month, which means i’m going to do social distancing as much as possible by tackling my TBRs and catching up on tv series. speaking of TBRs, here are some books i’m gonna read during spring :

1. chain of gold (the last hours #1) by cassandra clare
i just got this book yesterday and it’s even more gorgeous?! anyway, seeing it’s my most anticipated read of 2020, i’m 99.9% sure i’m going to read this one during spring.

2. the worst best man by mia sosa
i actually was reading this book when there’s an announcement from my uni that we’re going online, so i had to stop to take care of some things. definitely will continue it though, since how can i say no to hate-to-love? 😉

3. anna k : a love story by jenny lee
hello, anna karenina retelling! this book screams DRAMA and you bet i’m gonna devour it. also, bonus point for featuring asian characters.

4. moment of truth by kasie west
this is probably the fifteenth books by kasie west that i’m gonna read, and since i like/love them all, i’m excited to pick this up ❤ i’m definitely recommending her books if you’re in the mood for something light and swoony.

5. of curses and kisses (st. rosetta’s academy #1) by sandhya menon
eventhough i’ve only read one book by sandhya menon (and i love when dimple met rishi), i’m especially excited to read this one simply because it’s set in boarding school! i’m just a sucker for books with boarding school setting (probably because it’s one of my un-fulfilled dream?).

6. alex, approximately by jenn bennett
okay, i’ve actually read this one, but i just bought the physical copy and i just want to read it again? it’s one of my favorite jenn bennett’s books and i really love it!

7. the princess and the fangirl (once upon a con #2) by ashley poston
i loved geekerella back when it was released in 2018, but i haven’t had the chance to continue this series. now that the third book will be released this year, guess it’s time to read the princess and the fangirl! if you still need more reasons why you should pick up geekerella, check out my review

8. american royals (american royals #1) by katharine mcgee
royals! need i say more? also, bonus point for a certain princess-and-her-bodyguard romance trope that’s featured in this book 😉

9. daughter of the siren queen (daughter of the pirate king #2) by tricia levenseller
i read the first book earlier this year, and it’s interesting. can’t wait to read what’s next for alosa and the gang!

10. tunnel of bones (cassidy blake #2) by victoria schwab
i think it’s the only middle-grade books in my TBR for now? the first book is quite entertaining and wasn’t as creepy as it looks, so i’m looking forward to continue it.

have you read any of these? what are you planning to read in spring? don’t forget to leave your TTT in the comment ❤
stay safe and don’t forget to do social distancing as much as possible!

18 thoughts on “Books I’m Going to Read This Spring!

  1. I haven’t read Anna Karenina but I might read the retelling. Who knows it might finally give me that extra push to read the original! Great list btw. Hope the social distancing works out well for you!


  2. So many amazing books on your Spring TBR!

    Chain of Gold is staring at me as we speak. But I simply have way too many other books I need to tackle first, haha.

    Of Curses and Kisses was.. enjoyable? But I feel like Sandhya has a thing with female main characters getting on my nerves or something.. I didn’t really like Jaya and I had the same issue with Dimple? It sucks! Chances are still existing I’ll pick up the second book in the series anyway because.. I’m a sucker for retellings and if it is one – don’t know, haven’t checked if that’s known yet – I’ll just have to read it!

    Jenn Bennett is such an amazing contemporary writer! I love all the books I read by her!
    And I enjoyed American Royals as well! Hope you will too. 😀

    Daughter of the Siren Queen and Tunnel of Bones are both sequels I already read – gasp. Not something to usually happen since I’m more the “Oh, look, another sequel I still haven’t read yet”-type but.. wow! I enjoyed both of them. I’m still amazed by how Victoria succeeds at making my skin crawl with middle grade books. Makes me kind of scared to read her more young adult / adult stuff to be honest..

    Anyway! Hopefully you’ll enjoy all these amazing books! 😀


  3. Oh gosh I’ve been seeing Anna K around a lot and it sounds rather interesting. Unfortunately haven’t really got around to actually reading Anna Karenina so I’m not sure if I should go ahead and read the sequel~

    Also Chain of Gold is another one on my list but it seems like a long long while till I’ll actually be able to get to it~Shadowhunter newbie here haha

    Best of luck on your TBR!


  4. Omg you have some AMAZING reads here! I just started reading Chain of Gold & I feel like we’re in for an *extremely* angsty rollercoaster ride 😅I hope you enjoy American Royals, it was one of my fave books last year!

    Stay safe & hope you get some good reading done during quarantine! ☺️



  5. Of Curses and Kisses and American Royals are really good so I hope you like it!! I have a copy of Anna K and I need to get to it as soon as possible because it looks so good!! I hope you enjoy all of these books!! ❤️


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