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Monthly Recap : January ’20

firstly, let me say happy new year and congrats on surviving the first month of 2020!! for new year, i celebrated it by having dinner with my family, and for lunar new year, i also had dinner with my family but spend the day visiting my relatives’s houses. i only meet my relatives a few times a year, so it’s nice. we also celebrated my brother’s birthday by having lunch, so yes, january is basically a month of celebration.

january is usually my most productive month, but come to think of it, i don’t think i did lots of things this month despite being off from college. i actually planned to try baking before realizing that the oven didn’t work anymore. i tried making mood journal on a particularly depressing day, but abandoned it a few days later since i realize humans could feel lots of emotions in one day and i don’t know what i feel the most 🤡. it seems like all i did is watch tv series and movies almost everyday, and of course, reading. it might sounds boring (and for some day, it is. sometimes i just wanna go out but i don’t know where to go), but i’m just trying to enjoy it since if all goes well, this could be my last or second-to-last holidays (before i have to work and won’t have month-long holiday anymore).

earlier this month, i watched the chilling adventures of sabrina since a friend of mine recommend it to me, and i’m basically hooked! it’s basically about witches, demons, and other general creature of hell and has interesting storyline. the third season just came out a few days ago, so if you want to start watching this series now’s the perfect time.

i also caught up on anne with an e S3, and it’s honestly my favorite season from this series. it tackles social issues that’s still relevant in our world until now and open my eyes on problematic stuff that i didn’t realize before. i can’t believe it took me this long to watch this. sadly, the third season is the last season, though i desperately wish they will continue it since anne’s story is far from over. so please, if you haven’t watch this one, i’m definitely recommending it to you ❤

beside watching tv series, i also listened on tons of music, and one of them became an instant favorite. it is no other than fine line (the album) by harry styles! i listened the album out of boredom at first, but all the songs in there are really relatable for me. by now i’ve streamed it countless time, but if i have to pick a favorite song, it’d be falling and fine line itself. halsey’s manic is also out this month, and while i didn’t love the whole album (in my opinion, no album can top badland), i found some new favorites : you should be sad, 3 am, and finally // beautiful stranger. (also, if you want to stream manic, please do so in order!). other songs that i obsess over this month : mean it by lauv ft lany, put a little love on me by niall horan, and walls by louis tomlinson.

review :

loveboat, taipei by abigail hing wen – 4 stars
tweet cute by emma lord – 4.5 stars

other :

i post some of my most anticipated 2020 releases, including chain of gold and the kingdom of back
i share some books i purchase recently
i’m participating in #Pondathon and share some books i plan to read during the readathon.

i’m pleased to say that january is a good reading month for me. i read a total of 7 books, and here they are (cover links to goodreads) :



tweet cute by emma lord – 4.5 stars
the hidden oracle (the trials of apollo #1) by rick riordan – 4 stars (review)
the dark prophecy (the trials of apollo #2) by rick riordan – 4 stars
all the stars and teeth by adalyn grace – 4 stars
the cruel prince (the folk of the air #1) – 3.5 stars
the wicked king (the folk of the air #2) – 4 stars
the queen of nothing (the folk of the air #3) – 5 stars

how’s you january going? did you do something exciting? how many books did you read? tell me more in the comment ❤

6 thoughts on “Monthly Recap : January ’20

  1. Watching series and movies and reading kind of sounds perfect. I’m so glad you love Anne with an E as well. I love that series so much and am hanging on to hopes of it being renewed. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Loveboat, Taipei, so I’m happy to see you enjoyed it a well. I hope you have a great February!


  2. We are caught up on watching Anne with an E here and really enjoy this series. I read Tweet Cute and loved it. January is lots of celebrations here too with birthdays and way too much dessert. I read an ARC of The Queens Assassin in January for review and really enjoyed my first book by this author.


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