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hi everyone! welcome back for another top ten tuesday post. for today TTT’s topic, we’ll be talking about ten recent books that i got. note that i’m only talking about physical books here, since i don’t keep track of ebooks and e-arcs that i got (though i probably should’ve now). anyway, here we go :

1-2. the wicked king and the queen of nothing (the folk of the air #2 and #3) by holly black
got the wicked king because it was on sale, and ordered the queen of nothing a few days later so i could marathon the series. anyway, i’m now re-reading the cruel prince before continuing this series.

3. girl against the universe by paula stokes
i add this book to my TBR goodreads shelf back in 2016, and just like hundreds of books there, promptly forgotten about it until i saw this book on a book fair. i’ve already read it and it’s really good! also for me, it portrays mental illness and mental health pretty well.

4-5. heist society and uncommon criminals (heist society #1 and #2) by ally carter
also got these two from the book fair, but too bad i can’t find the third book! i read the heist society series years ago and i’m completely obsessed with it. i mean, travelling the world looking for antique and rare arts is the ultimate goal, right?

6. rebel (legend #4) by marie lu
i bought rebel just a few days after its release date because i’ve been waiting for months for it (even re-reading the entire legend trilogy in preparation for it), but guess what? i haven’t read it until now 🤡. not sure whether i’m just not in the mood, or i’m not ready yet to say goodbye to the characters.

7. roseblood by a.g. howard
i got this book mostly because i love the cover, but i end up loving the story so much i gave this book 5 stars. i was hesitant at first since i found the phantom of the opera creepy, but Howard somehow made it less creepy and more romantic, while staying true to the storyline.

8. wildcard (warcross #2) by marie lu
i haven’t actually read warcross, but i saw that wildcard was on sale and bought it since i plan on reading warcross anyway. one of these days i gotta buy warcross and start reading it.

9. furyborn (empirium #1) by claire legrand
again, got this book since it was on sale (tbh i think i got most of my books because of sale) and i found the plot is interesting enough. haven’t read this one, though.

10. graffiti moon by cath crowley
i read one of cath crowley’s books, words in deep blue, years ago and i really, really love it. i’ve been hearing lots of great things about graffiti moon ever since that, and i finally bought it online. i’ve read this one and i love it as much as i love words in deep blue. cath crowley’s writing is simple, yet full of meanings at the same time.

so that’s last 10 books that i purchase! have you read any of these? if so, what did you think of it? and don’t forget to leave the link to your TTT so i could check it out ❤

13 thoughts on “New to the Bookshelf!

  1. I’ve been meaning to read Ally Carter’s books for YEARS, and haven’t yet (but they do look like tons of fun!). Oh! And someday I need to read Marie Lu’s ‘Legend’ books too. 🙂


  2. I have Roseblood! And Heist Society. But I haven’t read them yet. Great list of books.
    I don’t buy physical books because I have so many. But here’s my most recent audio books bought:
    I Survived the Shark attack of 1916 (For Finn)
    Goosebumps Horrorland #3 and #4 (Both for Finn)
    Goosebumps Stay Out of the Basement (For Finn)
    Coral by Sara Ella
    Refraction by Naomi Hughes
    Sick Kids in Love
    Bried Chronicle of Another Stupid Heartbreak
    Bioshock: Rapture
    Every Stolen breath by Kimberly Gabriel

    Lots for Finn lol

    Ash @ JennReneeRead


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