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Tiffany’s Summer ’19 TBR

hosted by jana @ that artsy reader girl


can you believe that we’re almost halfway through 2019? summer is one of my favorite season, purely because summer usually means school holiday so i’ll have loads of free time to read. unfortunately, not this year, since i joined another event committee that’ll take most of july and august, so basically i have no holiday this year. so i’m not sure if i actually can read these books, but i hope so since i’m pretty behind on my goodreads challenge *hides in shame*. anyway, here they are :

1-3. legend, prodigy, and champion by marie lu
when i read rebel sampler, i realized that i only remember little things from this series. and by little things, i mean the ending of champion that break our hearts when we read it. other than that, i didn’t really remember what went down in this series, so i figure i really need to re-read it if i want rebel to break me.

4. the cruel prince by holly black
i feel like i included this book in every TBR list, but i really hope this will be the last one.

5. furyborn by claire legrand
i bought this book purely because of the hype. it sounds interesting enough though, and a lot of people seems to love the second book (kingsbane)

6-7. the hidden oracle and the dark prophecy by rick riordan
when i bought the dark prophecy and about to read it, i do realize that i didn’t remember what happen in the first book (side note : is it just me, or the more you read, the faster you forgot about it?). so if i have the time, definitely gonna re-read these books.

8. red, white, and royal blue by casey mcquiston
another book that i add to my tbr due to the hype. it got a lot of wonderful reviews from fellow blogger, so i have high hopes for this one!

9. tash hearts tolstoy by kathryn ormsbee
this book is currently free on riveted, so i thought i’ll check it out! i’ve been looking for more books with aro/ace rep, and this book has it.

10. olivia twist by lorie langdon
this book is also currently free to download on audiobook sync (if you can’t tell, i love freebies). i love historical fiction, so i’m looking forward to read it.

so that’s my tbr for the summer! have you read any of these? and tell me about your summer tbr ❤

13 thoughts on “Tiffany’s Summer ’19 TBR

  1. I love reading these even when I’m not participating (I just published another author interview on my blog instead). You might want to take a look – Jane Davis is an amazing author!


  2. Ah this is a lovely TBR! I only read the first book in the Legend series, but I really want to continue with it. Can’t wait for you to read Red, White and Royal Blue, I really enjoyed that one 😀


  3. I’ve owned just the first book, Legend, for such a long time and never got around to it. Oops. I think I just keep getting distracted by shiny new books. Love the look of your blog btw, very clean! Good luck on the event committee and your tbr 🙂


  4. Great TBR! I really need to read Legend! I’ve been wanting to for so long now. Same with Furyborn and The Hidden Oracle. I’m so behind on the older books that I buy and never get around to reading, haha. I really loved Red, White & Royal Blue and also Olivia Twist. I hope you find some time to read some of the books on your list.


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