Would You Give Authors Second Chance?

okay, firstly, i’m really bad at writing title, so what i actually mean is, would you read books by author whose previous work you didn’t enjoy? i recently went through my goodreads’s shelf, and while i rarely rate a book below 2.5 stars, i realize that those authors whose books i did give below 2.5 stars are most likely wouldn’t get second chance from me. books are pretty expensive here and i’m basically a broke college student, so i’d much rather buy books i know i’ll love or like. plus, time is money (spoken like a true finance major student), so even if somehow i got the book for free, the book will most likely be my lowest priority, and let’s be honest, lowest priority is almost as the same as forever in my TBR.

but also recently, i became interested with one of those book by authors I didn’t previously enjoy. the book, specifically, is sorcery of thorns by margaret rogerson. i didn’t enjoy her debut, an enchantment of ravens, mostly because it fell flat and wasn’t quite what i was expecting. but again, it’s set in different world and it’s basically about sorcerer (which i’m usually down for). also i’ve heard great things about it from fellow blogger, so i’m quite torn here.

now because i love lists, let’s take a look at why i would and why i wouldn’t give authors a second chance :


1. the author’s writing could have improved! this is the case for leigh bardugo’s the grisha and six of crows. i read the grisha first, but i never make it past book 2 because i was pretty bored (eventhough nikolai is my life). BUT look at six of crows! i couldn’t put it down, and end up giving both books 5 stars.

2. the summary sounds like something i’ll love. the most important thing for me before buying a book is actually the summary. i don’t have the luxury of buying a book on a whim (unless they’re on a big sale), so i always make sure it sounds like something i’ll enjoy at the very least before i buy it.

3. review from fellow blogger. other than considering book through its summary, i always, always read some reviews from fellow bloggers first (especially those whose taste is similar to mine). from reviews i could see what i should expect from a book, so then i could decide whether i’ll enjoy it or not. so if a book got a lot of good reviews, then i’ll most likely add it to my TBR.


1. as i’ve said above, wasting time and money (but especially money since it’s unlikely i got a free book lol). i’d much rather buy books by author i previously love or tried books by author i haven’t read.

2. i don’t want to give bad vibes to books i actually enjoy from that author. again, i’m terrible at title but what i mean is, sometimes i’ll enjoy book 1 in a series but not book 2, so i choose to not continue so my opinion of book 1 won’t be ruined. this was the case with acotar series by sarah j. maas. i like book 1, really LOVE book 2, but book 3 let me down and that novella which is basically a terrible fanfiction where nothing really happened kinda ruined my opinion of this series. i’m thinking that if i stopped at book 3, my opinion of it will still be mildly good. but because of the novella, i most likely won’t continue it.

3. again, summary and review play an important role here. if it got bad reviews from blogger (or even good review but it said something like “if you love previous-book-i-didn’t-enjoy, then you will love this too!), i most likely won’t read it.

now tell me, would *you* give authors second chance? if so and if not, why? tell me your opinion about it in the comment ❤

14 thoughts on “Would You Give Authors Second Chance?

  1. Yes, I absolutely would, assuming that it was only the subject matter that I couldn’t connect with. Even a couple of my favourite authors have written a book or two I didn’t like at all, and there are other authors who I’m generally not a fan of but who have written one or two books that I really like.

    If we’re talking about an author who is sexist, racist, homophobic, etc. and has shown no signs of evolving, then no. But it’s more common for me not to be into stories for subjective reasons than for serious stuff like this.


    1. that made sense! i haven’t really tried another book by author i previously didn’t enjoy, but if they write another book unrelated to the one i didn’t enjoy, i think i should consider it. also i definitely won’t read a book whose author is problematic!

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  2. Oh, lots of great things to think over in this post! I tend to err on the side of giving authors another chance, because writing is hard, and usually, authors improve over time. It’s a process. If the reason I didn’t like the book had nothing to do with the writing, in particular, but with that book itself, I’m much more likely to give them another chance. If I just don’t like their writing style, maybe less so. Reviews from fellow bloggers is a big reason for me, too! FOMO is real, and man, the pressure. xD

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  3. I definitely go with fellow bloggers opinions and reviews before I consider giving authors a second chance when I didn’t enjoy the first thing. Though, if I can and I’m intrigued, instead of buying the books, I try and find them in the library. So a way of giving them a chance without having to spend my money (yet). Lol.

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    1. yes! i almost always read fellow bloggers’s review before buying a book, unless it’s my auto-buy authors. also if there’s any library nearby, i’d totally do that! i think it’s the best way to give them chance without losing anything 🙂

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  4. Very interesting post. For me it really depends on my enjoyment of the author’s writing/prose. I agree with you that Enchantment of Ravens fell flat but I thought that the author’s writing was beautiful so I am very excited for Sorcery of Thorns. Some authors I do not intend on trying something else by them because I can’t get into their writing, it’s just not for me.

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    1. i could totally see your reason. i think the biggest reason why i didn’t enjoy an enchantment of ravens is because of the plot, so i didn’t really have a problem with the writing. also yes, if i dislike a book because of the author’s writing-style, i don’t think i’ll give them another chance..


  5. I do! Especially if the second book has such an interesting synopsis. For example, I hated The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness, but I’m intrigued by The Rest of Us Just Lives Here and I didn’t regret giving his book a second chance 😀 But some authors are just a hit or miss for me. Case in point is Rainbow Rowell. I’ve read 3 of her books, and it’s literally miss-hit-miss. Will I give her the fourth chance? Probably xD

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  6. I love this discussion! I experienced reading a book that I ended up in my all-time favorite books list, so I automatically assumed that the author’s second book would be awesome as well. Turns out, I abandoned the second book (which is totally different from the first) after 100 pages. It was just too dragging. However, I can honestly say that I will probably read another work of that author because she once made me feel so many things with her first work. Her book changed my life 😊 I will, however, be more cautious and will probably resort to reading tons of reviews before I buy another book by her again. 🌸🌸🌸


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