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Monthly Recap : January ’19

hi everyone! i feel like it’s been a long time since i last write a monthly recap post (and probably will be another long time before i write again). anyway, as you can guess from my suddenly-consistent-posting, i’m on a break starting from late december till mid-february! i’m having a grand time this month, mostly using my free time to do my favorite things in the world (aka reading and blogging and bookstagramming). i’m trying to have a head-start before college finally catch up, and the sad part is, college will catch up. i took 9 classes this semester and almost all of them have either weekly or bi-semester projects, so i probably will spend a lot of time focusing on college. you could consider this post as an announcement that i’ll be on semi-hiatus when college started!

anyway, let’s move on to the good part! in the beginning of january i have a trip with my friends to bali. it was really really great, and i’ll post a recap of it sometimes soon, so keep an eye for it. also on january is my brother’s birthday, but for some reason i have yet to understand, he doesn’t like cakes. so guess who ate most of the cakes he got? 😉 all in all, january was a great month for me–both in reading and other things.

here are all the posts i posted this month :

review :
pivot point duology by kasie west
queen of air and darkness by cassandra clare

top ten tuesday :
new authors i discovered in 2018
oops..still haven’t read these books!
newest additions to my TBR (in case you need more book recs)

other :
do you love to travel? here are 5 tips for travelling

i read a total of 6 books this month! this might be a small number for you but it’s way more than i usually read (i usually read like 2-3 per month). anyway, here are the books (cover links to goodreads) :


a darker shade of magic by v.e. schwab – 4 stars
a gathering of shadows by v.e. schwab – 4 stars
a conjuring of light by v.e. schwab – 5 stars


foolish hearts by emma mills – 4 stars
for the record by charlotte huang – 3 stars
blood heir by amelie wen zhao – dnf due to recent news

i only joined 2 challenges this year and here’s my progress updates :

goodreads reading challenge
goals : 40 books
progress : 6/40 books

year of the asian reading challenge
goals : 10 books (philippine tarsier)
progress : 2/10 books

so that’s my january! how about yours? tell me all in the comments ❤

13 thoughts on “Monthly Recap : January ’19

  1. Congrats on reading 6 books this month, that’s amazing! ☺️ I usually only read 2-3 books a month too, but this month, I read 7 haha. I’m so glad you enjoyed Foolish Hearts; that’s my favorite Emma Mills’ book and I adore it with all my heart 💖 (I love Gideon & Claudia so much!) Wonderful post 🙂


    1. as far as i know, it’s because there’s a slave auction scene and a black girl died in the book to help the white heroine (kinda like Rue in the hunger games). people think it’s harmful since it reminds them to actual slavery in the world. i actually almost finished with it when the thread started and was going to give it around 3-4 stars but i decide i’ll just wait for the revised version.


  2. I’m glad you have a good read in January! 6 books is a lot to me as I usually just read 2-3 books like you 😬 And I’m happy we’ve read 2 ASIAN BOOKS! ✨💃🏻

    I wish you the best for your college! 💖


  3. You’ve read a lot of books and a lot of GREAT books in the past month, that’s amazing! I’m glad you liked the shade of magic series, I really enjoyed that one as well, and YAY for rating Foolish Hearts 4 stars! I’m going to read it this month, I’m impatient, it sounds really good!
    I hope you’re having a wonderful February ❤


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