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5 Tips for Travelling

if you have been following me here for a while, you’d know that i’m a sucker for travelling. i love the idea of seeing the world and learn new culture, though i can’t do it often due to school and lack of money (i’m a broke college student, after all). however, in my few times travelling, i learn some things and thought i could share it with you all. note that these are just tips and suggestion while travelling 😊

make plans
honestly, i think the most important thing to do before travelling is to make plans, especially if you’re travelling abroad. you should know, at least, which places or tourist attraction you want to visit. if you want to be more organized, try to make an itinerary (which usually consist of places to visit, when to visit it, and even, where to eat). don’t forget to check the schedule too!

don’t exceed your budget
before you go travelling, you should set how much you want to spend while in there. because trust me, it’s so easy to exceed your budget while in there. there will be a lot of new things you won’t find back in your home country, and you’d find yourself often think “i should buy it while i’m here!”. so yeah, set your budget.

pack necessary things only
try not to bring too many clothes and such. you definitely will buy things while travelling (although remember point 2). so unless you want to purchase additional suitcase (and usually, it means additional airplane baggage), just pack things you would actually use or things that you plan to throw away after you use it there.

hotel isn’t that important
when you’re a low budget traveler like me, i’d suggest that hotel isn’t that important. i mean, when i’m travelling, usually i’d go out early at the morning and return late at night (even at midnight, sometimes), so why pay for expensive room when i only use it for a few hours? unless the travel’s purpose is to relaxing (usually at beach or mountain resort), i rarely book expensive hotel. if you want another option that’s even cheaper, there’s always airbnb and dorm.

last but not least, respect the local culture
when travelling, you’ll often find local cultures and norms, and it’s important to respect and follow those! if you can’t enter a place because you’re wearing shorts, then don’t go in. and don’t forget that there’s a lot of sacred places (especially if you’re travelling to asian countries) that’s usually off-limits for tourists, so don’t try to trespass it.

that’s it! what’s your favorite places you’ve visited so far? and do you love to travel too? if so, i must’ve missed a lot of tips, so feel free to add them in the comments ❤

7 thoughts on “5 Tips for Travelling

  1. Love these tips! I have been really lucky to be able to travel so much, and these are definitely things I try to keep in mind. Especially the last point. I’ve seen people not respect that, and it can be infuriating, honestly.


  2. I love these tips! I completely agree with you on the hotel point. In the end, I spend more time out and about visiting the city than I do at the accommodation. So it only makes sense to go to an Airbnb or to a hostel for me. Plus, I have seen so many beautiful apartments and even tree houses for way cheaper than hotels that seem a lot more worth it!

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