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Check Out These Wintery Reads!

hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl


hi everyone! after a long time not posting TTT, i’ve come back just a few weeks before christmas. long story short, i got caught up with college’s works, and so can’t post and even read often. anyway, before i make y’all bored with story of my life, here are 5 books i love that’s set in winter and 5 i’d like to read (forever wishing winter is a season in my country) :

books i’ve read

snow in love by by nic stone, aimee friedman, kasie west, and melissa de la cruz

this is actually an anthology consist of 4 stories set in winter, and my favorite from this is definitely the one by kasie west–snow and mistletoe (are you even surprised?). However, all the stories in it are pretty adorable, and will make you wish that christmas come sooner.


my true love gave to me, edited by stephanie perkins

i feel like everyone has already read or know this book by now, but in case you didn’t (or you need more motivation to start it), my true love gave to me has some of the best short stories i’ve read. personal favorite is it’s a yuletide miracle, charlie brown by stephanie perkins and midnights by rainbow rowell.


the dark days deceit by alison goodman

this is actually the third book in the dark days club series, but i’ve just finished it and remember that it’s set in winter in Bath. this series is really really awesome but i haven’t seen enough people reading it, so let me describe it in 5 words to interest you : magic, murder, and slow-burn romance.


not if i save you first first by ally carter

i don’t actually remember if this book is set in winter, but the setting is at Alaska and there’s a lot of description of snow, so it’s safe to assume it’s probably in winter. Ally Carter is one of my favorite heist and spy author, and this book has lots of it!


clockwork princess by cassandra clare

this one is also the last book of the infernal devices series, and eventhough it seems everyone has read this, i still want to mention it because of that marriage proposals on christmas eve (i remember tearing up a bit when reading it). if you, by any chance haven’t pick this series up yet, i recommend doing it while it’s winter πŸ™‚

books i want to read

hunted by meagan spooner
the bear & the nightingale by katherine arden (i’ve heard so many good this about this!)
carols and chaos by cindy anstey
the enchanted sonata by heather dixon wallwork (retelling of the nutcracker)
the afterlife of holly chase by cynthia hand (retelling of a christmas carol)

and that’s it! what about you? have you read any of these books? also leave your TTT links below so i could check them out ❀

15 thoughts on “Check Out These Wintery Reads!

  1. When I attempted to do this topic I did have Not If I Save You First on the list since there was a lot of snow in that one, but I forgot all about My True Love Gave to Me, because I read it a long time ago. It had a few excellent shorts in there, especially Midnights.


  2. These are some really great picks! I actually only just found out about Snow in Love yesterday (I live under a rock, apparently) and I’m so excited to read it when I can. My True Love Gave to Me almost made my list as well. As for the books you want to read: I hope you get to them and enjoy them when you do!


  3. This is a lovely list! I haven’t read any of these books, but I can’t wait to read hunted and my true love gave to me, both sound so good! πŸ™‚ when I think of wintery reads, I can’t help but think of Let It Snow, the book with short stories by John Green, Maureen Johnson and more πŸ™‚


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