monthly recap

Monthly Recap : August and September ’18


seeing that this is my first post after more than a month not posting anything, i think you can already guess why : college. college started at the beginning of august, and since then i’ve been busy doing a lot of coursework leading to my 2-weeks-examination. now that mid-exam is over, i can finally breathe a little and actually start reading and fangirling again.

apart from that, i didn’t really do anything exciting. my bookstagram is pretty much the same with my blog (eventhough i took loads of photos back in summer, in the end i didn’t post anything too). also, on a completely unrelated note, i found out that listening to classical music really helps my study, so i’m going to do it from now on.

what i’ve been reading since my last monthly recap (august – mid october) :

first & then by emma mills – 4.5/5 stars
the chase by elle kennedy – 3/5 stars
losing the field by abbi glines – 2.5/5 stars
pivot point by kasie west – 4/5 stars
split second by kasie west – 3.5/5 stars
the good luck charm by helena hunting – 3.5/5 stars
a court of frost and starlight by sarah j. maas – 2.5/5 stars
52 reasons to hate my father by jessica brody – 3.5/5 stars
ever the hunted by erin summerill – 3/5 stars

also, if you’re following me on twitter and bookstagram, there’s a book fair going on at my city back in the beginning of october, and of course i came and bought some books. here they are :

for more bookish photos, check out my bookstagram

the last magician by lisa maxwell
outrun the moon by stacey lee
ever the hunted by erin summerill
for the record by charlotte huang
the anatomical shape of a heart by jenn bennett (one of my favorite book ever!)
52 reasons to hate my father by jessica brody

and that’s a wrap!

how’s your month so far? what are you currently reading? have you read any of the books mentioned above? if so, what do you think? tell me everything ❤

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