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Monthly Recap : Summer!


okay, it’s been a while since i last write monthly recap here (i think it was last year 0_o), and i only have one reason for it : college. long story short, i joined waaay too many events last semester, that i’m basically sleeping at my campus (not really, but almost. i went home at 4 am once). so yeah, i don’t really have the energy to read or blog and doing general fangirl thing. anyway, it already ended now, and since summer comes my life is starting to be normal again. i went to bali again in mid-june, and it’s a nice change of scenery from my bustling city. honestly i could live at the beach forever ❤ i also read a lot more than last semester, which is good since i’m still behind on my goodreads schedule.

since i’m mostly at home this month, i start watching tv shows again! here’s some of my faves :

skam austin (US) and skam italia

if you remember the original skam (from norway), it basically became so popular that other countries start making their own version of it. all of these versions follow the same plotline, but it’s still entertaining to notice the differences between them. beside austin and italia, there’s also the french and german versions. i’d recommend it if you love high school dramas and such!

anne with an e

GUYS THIS SHOW!!! i finished 2 seasons of it (17 episodes total) in just 3 days (it’s very fast considering i usually finish them in a week or more). originally i didn’t like it but it gets better every episodes ’till i’m obsessed with it! it’s an adaptation of anne of green gables–though i must say it didn’t really follow the book. sure, lots of things are still the same, but they also added social situation like racism, feminism, and mental health. they also added some queer characters in it, which is great for me. so please, if you’re bored or not doing anything right now, just watch this show so they will make s3 because i nEED IT.

so i finally move my blog from blogger to wordpress and i couldn’t be happier (eventhough it basically means starting over because i couldn’t move my followers). but it’s okay, since i feel like i need a fresh start to motivate me to blog again. anyway, here’s what i post this month :

review :

love, life, and the list by kasie west (5/5 stars)
everless by sara holland (3/5 stars)
caraval by stephanie garber (5/5 stars)

other :

TTT : looking for a quick reads? check out these novellas
TTT : all about hyped books!
book tag : 20 questions about reading

i read a total of 11 books from june to july, and here they are (link to goodreads) :

cast long shadows by cassandra clare – 3/5 stars
this shattered world by amie kaufman and meagan spooner – 3.5/5 stars
listen to your heart by kasie west – 5/5 stars
the last best kiss by claire lazebnik – 3/5 stars
heist society by ally carter (reread) – 4/5 stars
to kill a kingdom by alexandra christo – 4/5 stars
not if i save you first by ally carter – 4/5 stars
caraval by stephanie garber – 5/5 stars
the hating game by sally thorne (reread) – 3.5/5 stars
the boy is back by meg cabot – 3/5 stars
love fortunes and other disasters by kimberly karalius – 3/5 stars

how’s your month? how many books that you read? was it good? tell me everything ❤

4 thoughts on “Monthly Recap : Summer!

  1. I just started uni, and already I can feel my schedule spiraling out of control. xD I come home way later than I’m used to from high school, which sucks since I haven’t even joined any organizations or events yet. Hopefully I can get next semester’s schedule under control.

    Anyway, so glad it seems like you enjoyed To Kill a Kingdom and Caraval! I still need to read Kasie West’s newer releases!


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