Introducing : Read and Recs

I’m really, really excited to finally reveal my new feature to you guys! It might not be a unique features (there’s always some similar feature out there), but it’s my very first feature so I’m still excited! Anyway, here’s a brief introduction on Read and Recs, and what you guys can expect on my blog in the future.

How Did Read&Recs Born?
Some nights ago, I couldn’t sleep well, so what a bookworms gotta do? Scrolling through Instagram to see bookish pictures, of course! While scrolling through some bookstagram accounts, I suddenly realize a thing : people mostly post about new books or newly acquired books. Old books are mostly forgotten, especially contemporary books. I also realize that most blog features are focusing on debuts. And just like that, I got an idea to feature books I’ve read and love that’s at least 1 year old. The purpose is to showcase old books, so it won’t be ‘forgotten’.
What Can I Expect?
Once a month, on a random date, I will feature one or possibly more book for Read&Recs. Of course, if someday I’m less busy, I might make this feature as a bi-monthly feature, or even a weekly feature! Also as for now, in every post, I’m only planning to write about a little thoughts on the book, as well as some teasers/excerpt/graphic quote. But who knows, I might add an author interview or even  giveaways in the future!
Can I Participate?
I originally plan this feature only for my blog, but then I (quickly) realize that people could join too! So yes, you can participate (eventhough I don’t have a lot of followers so I’m not expecting someone to join for the first few months or so). If by any chance you want to do this (I’m honored and will love you forever <3), please credit and link back to The Bookish Thought. For now, I'm not going to add a linky, so just leave your link in the comment and I'll check it out.
That’s it for now! What do you guys think of it? Are you guys interested in it?

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